Reverend Kevin Moreira

Founder and Senior Pastor of Torch Ministries

Kevin Moreira's Biography

Servant of God, international speaker, missionary, prophet, evangelist, preacher, coach, mentor, and minister, Kevin Moreira is from Toronto, Canada. Born on June 5, 1988, at the former Doctor’s hospital on college street. Kevin is from a humble Brazilian immigrant family, son of Miguel de Araujo Moreira and Vania Lucia Soares de Morais. Kevin grew up in the area of Dufferin and Bloor Street, in Toronto, Canada. Born from an immigrant family Kevin started to work at the young age of 11 years old delivering junk ads and newspapers in his community. Kevin would always help his mother with her cleaning jobs when he was not studying. Kevin would also help his father during the summer months in the construction industry specifically carpentry. At a very young age Kevin would help the family at home obtain contracts and make business deals because of the difficulty of the English language. Persuasion and public speaking skills were evident as Kevin would speak and convince adults at a very young age. A gifted individual with a dream and ambition was what defined the young Kevin. Hard work and discipline allowed Kevin to develop character, integrity, and honesty, at a very young age.

He studied at St.Anthony’s Catholic Elementary School. Kevin was a very intelligent and gifted student always at the honour roll and showing great leadership as team captain of the soccer team in both elementary and high school level. Kevin won many academic awards as well as sports awards during his time in both elementary and high school. He started as an altar server at St.Anthony’s Church at the young age of 11. He went to Harbord Collegiate Institute, Central Technical School, and later City Adult Learning Centre. Kevin studied at Destiny and Dominion Bible Training Centre earning a Diploma in Theological Studies. He also opened up a small construction business when he was only 19 years old specializing in dry-pack and scratch-coat for tiles, something he had learned from his uncles and grandfather. Kevin served one year in the Canadian Reserves serving at the Royal Regiment of Canada. Kevin got married on February 9, 2007 with the love of his life, Kathleen Dos Anjos Moreira. They have two sons, Kevin Junior and Isaac. Kevin considers himself a leader by disciplining his wife and sons by being the example and reference of a man of God as a husband and father to his family. His first ministry is his family. He believes that discipleship and ministry starts at home.

Kevin had the opportunity to learn how to read and write Portuguese at the feet of his grandmother at the very young age of 8. His grandmother taught him because she was an 8th grade teacher in Brazil. His grandparents lived a while at his parents home. At the young age of 8 years old Kevin would have his first encounter with the person of the Holy Spirit. His grandparents were active members of the Pentecostal Church God is Love founded by David Miranda and they would for a 4 year period disciple and teach Kevin about the word of God and about the Holy Spirit. His grandmother was a missionary and would often pray for Kevin in the middle of the night. Many times he would wake up at 3 am and she would be kneeling beside him and extend her hand out to bless him. She would prophecy to him saying that he would preach the gospel to every nation, and every continent. Kevin at a very young age would have experiences with the Holy Spirit through visions, dreams, and by the word of God. At the age of 11 he was already preaching the word of God to his community, friends, family, and even at school. Kevin would always bring his bible to class and would openly ask questions to priests regarding his experiences with God because of the fact he was studying in a catholic school. Kevin had back slided after the death of his grandmother in 2001. He came back to the Lord at the age of 17.

Like her husband, Kathleen was also born in Canada. She was raised in Brazil. Kevin’s mother had changed Kathleen’s diapers in the past and Kathleen’s mother also had changed Kevin’s diapers. There parents knew each other way before immigrating to Canada. They would see each other when Kevin would visit Brazil. Before returning to Canada, she received a prophetic word in one of the mountains of Brazil. God had told her using a man of God that she had never met that she would go back to Toronto, Canada her place of birth and that she would soon marry a man that would impact the entire world with the gospel. The Lord said that he wasn’t ready yet but that God himself was preparing him and that He himself would provide everything for them. Kathleen left for Canada in 2005. They soon fell in love and got married. Kevin Moreira was baptized with the Holy Spirit on July 7, 2007. A prophetic date 7/7/2007. Ever since that date he was on fire for God. Preaching everywhere he could; to children, teenagers, youth, or adults.

He served almost 10 years at his local church pastored by Pastor Wagner da Costa, at Christ for the Nations Ministries, serving as an elder of the church and as the evangelism department leader for four years. Kevin would start preaching on the streets of Toronto in early 2011. Street preaching, evangelism, prayer meetings, fasting, bible study, conferences, and devotionals were part of Kevin’s life for many years. His first international mission trip was in the Dominican Republic in 2012. In 2014 he also ministered 2 months in Brazil in a series of crusades, conferences, and church events.

In 2015 Kevin ministered in Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa and also in the United States. Kevin had the opportunity to minister to many local churches in Canada. He currently has a live internet radio program called “60 minutes with God,” every Wednesday at 7 pm local time at or through the download of the app: Camoes Radio. Kevin has a passion for the lost. Winning souls is his top priority.

Coaching, mentoring, and equipping the body of Christ on how to win souls is what Kevin is called to do. God has called Kevin to be a prophetic and evangelistic voice for nations. He has a strong prophetic and evangelistic anointing used to edify, exhort, and comfort this generation. Kevin was called to bring fire and revival for all nations through the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ through media, internet, radio, television, tracts, relationships, businesses, etc. Kevin is a spiritual coach, mentor, and motivator to this generation in which he helps people through orientation, direction, and instruction how to fulfill their God-given destinies. He promotes and boosts them into where God wants them to be. A spiritual personal trainer is what best describes this man of God.

Kevin has a strong prophetic anointing. He flows in the anointing in the office of a prophet and as an evangelist. He is a preacher of God’s word. God uses him in the area of deliverance, baptism of the Holy Spirit, healing and miracles, and signs and wonders. Kevin emphasizes on bringing a strong biblical word that is Christ-centred and anointed. Revelation, motivation, conviction, and repentance is what is produced from his preaching. Many souls have been saved, transformed, and revived through his life. Kevin loves balance and equilibrium. He emphasizes on restoration, renewal, and revival! God has lifted him up to impact this generation through the kingdom, power, and glory of God. The authority on this young man’s life comes from a humble heart that expresses sincerity. Kevin Moreira is a true worshipper who demonstrates this in spirit and in truth.